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GHLA is the state's non-partisan trade association representing the lodging industry. Originally founded in the 1907, its mission is to promote, protect and educate the lodging industry around the state and to ensure positive business growth for its members. The Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association is the voice of the lodging industry in Georgia. GHLA is the official state affiliate of the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Georgia's Hotels Play An Important Role in the Economy

Georgia's hotels are an important segment of the state's economy. 9.7 percent of all jobs in the state are directly or indirectly related to the lodging industry, with hotels, motels, resorts, or lodges generating $3.7 billion in direct sales. The lodging and food service industries comprise the largest sector of small businesses in Georgia

Our industry reaches far beyond just providing our guests with comfortable rooms or convenient meeting spaces — we are interlinked with many other industries, such as transportation, restaurants, agriculture, manufacturing, and recreation, supporting $54.3 billion in total sales throughout the state. Georgia's lodging industry employees 56,703 people, earning $2.5 billion in total employee wages. Georgia is home to 1,845+ lodging properties comprising more than 168,000 hotel rooms.

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